OWS Consulting Services

    The OWS Team and co-workers also developed a systematic consulting process for water management consulting projects.
    This process is available to partners and businesses using the OWS products as part of their consulting services to a vast and growing client base such as mining groups, environmental management projects, factories and manufacturing plants, farming communities and government bodies and agencies:

    Step 1: Situation Analysis and Problem Identification

    Step 2: Summary of Findings, Proposal for Intervention to Key-Decision Makers

    Step 3: Proposal of Intervention to all Stakeholders – Obtain community wide support (Assessment of Readiness of/for: 

       1) Revolutionary Technology Adoption
       2) Project Implementation,
       3) Support by Local Government and Business Industry

    Step 4: Implementing OWS Products – Setup, Preparation & Communications Plan

    Step 5: Technical Training of Staff working at/for the Water Reserve – Appointing Operations stewards

    Step 6: Dosing and spraying of water body up to calculated dosage

    Step 7: Installation of Automatic Dosing Systems and Monitoring Systems

    Step 8: Continual Sampling and Monitoring

    Step 9: Construction of wetlands - specially designed for OWS

    Step 10: Community Education and Demonstration of Kingdom Principles, initiation of job-creation opportunities, business development.

    Step 11: Entrepreneurial development of viable complementary industries that uplift the community and to make communities sustainable (including fish industries, vegetable cropping, aquaculture projects and organic grown products).

    Step 12: Commercialization of Entrepreneurial Business Ventures to create permanency of viable businesses in the community – even reselling restored water.