OWS Water Restoration

    1) Restoring the biological ecology of polluted water.

    Current water purification methods damage Nematode's and deplete the reserves of positive bacteria in the water mass. In addition, the use of pesticides close to water reserves are eventually caught up in catchment areas that damage the plant growth and water life. The effect of OWS products are amongst other to: 

       • Reduce TSS (Total Suspended Solids) to < 1,0

       • IMMEDIATE and ongoing reduction of ammonia 

       • Balances the production of nitrates & nitrites = NYTROGENCYCLE (Nitrifying & Denitrifying micro organisms) 

       • Neutralize toxic gas production (such as sulphur production) in the underlayer of the water mass.

       • Increase DO (Dissolved Oxygen).

       • Balance micro-nutrient levels to the ecological state that increase daphnae and zoo-plankton.

       • Reducing bio-mass.
       • Restoring water oxygen levels – relevant to:
          o COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), and
          o BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)

    2) Controlling the growth of all types of algae.

    3) Benefit the health and Bio Diversity of plant and organic life in natural water resources, restoring the under-layer of water mass:

       • The ongoing secondary and tertiary positive effects – include:
          o Improving fish production (in fish fertility and speed of fish mass increase)
          o Aqautic birdlife and birdlife restored around the water mass
          o Plant life restored.

    4) Reduce harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, etc

    5) Reducing malaria in swamp areas

    6) The restoration of fresh water resources offer entrepreneurs business opportunities to establish micro-, small and large enterprises for organic meat and cultivating organic plant products of export quality.