Organic Water Solutions

    Organic Water Solutions presents a combination of professional services and technologically advanced organic treatments for the remediation of polluted waters. We approach all water concerned challenges holistically taking all the natural and unnatural surrounding influences into account.

    OWS provides natural treatments that are produced from patented formulations that have been designed to restore the ecological balance in the water body and the under-layer (substrate) of the water body. OWS creates the perfect environment for nature to do its work and then enhances this power by using high concentrations of natural formulations to remediate the challenge at hand.

    OWS provides professional consultations and remediation proposals to the following industries:

    General Agricultural irrigation dams

    • Algae reduction
    • Flocculation
    • Reducing clogging of irrigation pipes
    • Total Suspended Solids
    • Clears murky water
    • Iron reduction
    • E-coli reduction to non-dangerous levels
    • Neutralises bad odours
    • Increasing DO levels up to 80%
    • Micro organisms and nematode's will flourish as result of high oxygenation in the water, in the anaerobic state the DO levels INCREASE MASSIVELY in the under-layer. The oxidation effect will even kill a lot of unnecessary micro organisms that damage crops.

    Winery effluent dams

    • All the above and…
    • COD reduction
    • Ammonia reduction
    • Good Digestion of organic matter
    • Flocculation of organic matter
    • Increase dissolved oxygen

    Piggery's and Feedlots

    • All the above and…
    • Neutralise fecal matter and prevent pathogenic abilities
    • Reduce bad odours
    • Create the correct environment for positive balanced bacteria to flourish
    • Dissolves and digests sludge build up

    Aqua Cultural projects

    • All the above and…
    • Increase the yield per cubic meter of water
    • Improve general water clarity
    • Improve the environment for daphnia and micro life to thrive - ZOO PLANKTON
    • Improve the taste of edible fish, shrimps and oysters
    • Reduce ammonia and nitrite spikes